Team Hightower History

Team Hightower consists of Greg and Nora Hightower. Greg and Nora got together and started rallying in 1985. They made it an 'official' team in 1987 and since then have created two crazy new ralliests, Troy and Brett. Destine to be car crazy, we expect to be adding their rally scores to this list sometime around 2006.

Greg and Nora are steady competitors in most of the events in the Oregon/Washington area. They have been quite successful in their rally adventures. A ridiculous number of trophies have stacked up around the house over the years. These include 1st in class and 4th overall in The Rally of the Lost Patrol, a 5000 mile winter endurance rally, and 1st in class and 2nd overall at The Road Not Taken, a SCCA National Touring rally. More recent results can be found on our results page.

Greg and Nora are currently members of the Olympic Rally Competition Association, ORCA is the oldest and most experienced TSD rally organization in the Puget Sound area and puts on events from novice oriented Friday Nighters to Night on Bald Mountain for the truly rally crazed. Greg is often Rally Master for NoBM and uses this as an excuse to spend most of his weekends out on the gravel roads of the near-by mountains scouting for elusive 'new roads'.

Team Hightower would like to thank all those who have made this possible. Folks too numerous to mention have helped us learn the sport and supported us through the mistakes. We have made friends everywhere we go because most rally folks are truly good people. Thanks.