Galant VR-4 #1392

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May. 10, 2007 Ok, climbed on a plane for Mountain View, CA. Picked up #1392 and drove it back home. Got home to Bellevue, WA around 3am. A pretty long day but well worth it. #1392 is such a better car to start this project with. #1392 being a one owner California car, everything is in _much_ better shape. This is the sled that will get the great new 4G64 mill.
 Here is the new 4G64 block mated up with the 4G63 turbo head. The head has mildly ported, call it Stage I. Build sheet for new motor
 Top end waiting for the new FPCam1 cams. 264/264 should match up nicely with the nature of the engine. Looking for that full, flat torque band rather then 9K redline horsepower.
 Fat torque requires a girdle. In this case a bitchin' steel one.
 The motor out of #768 was a mess. I will never buy another Florida car again. We're sending all of the required parts (like motor mounts and brackets) to the shop for a good wash and paint job. Glad I'm not reusing the head. Not real happy about the strange orange shade.
 The motor out of #1392, on the other hand, was looking real good. So the plan is for this motor and tranny to be transplanted into #768 and have it back on the road right away. This should solve the issue with the weak #3 cylinder.
 Car sitting in Andre's shop. This is where the magic happens.
 Decided to keep the interior as stock looking as possible. As such I didn't want a bunch of gauges on the A-pillar or on the dash. Down by the radio is just too far out of the way. PLX Devices has a very nice solution. They make this little 3" OLED display that will support 4 PLX modules. I've got Boost (and Vac), Wideband AFR, Oil Pressure and soon Fuel Pressure. I can show them as numbers, needles, or charts and graphs in any color or custom gauge face I wish. Very high bling factor. Plus is supports min and max values for each sensor and flashes alarms if anything goes out of range. Check out PLX Devices for more info.

Here is a VFAQ on doing this mod PLX VFAQ