Impreza Mods

I've had a little fun with the RS lately. I have been preparing to run a seasons worth of rallies in this car and needed to get prepared. Here are a few pictures of the things I have built and installed.

Cut and welded up a rather nice light bar.

Very sturdy with no vibration. Nice how Rust-o-leum matches the Subaru Bright Red.

Compair the old RE92's with the new Silverstone Rally Tires.

Primitive Enterprises front skidpan only needs four bolts to keep it in place.

A rather nice flush fit.

Rear diff guard. Wood block use during installation to locate the diff.

18 mm sway bar from SPD.

Substantially bigger then the original (13mm vs 18mm).

Two bolts each side and it's done.
STi Impreza seats. VERY comfortable and supportive. Right out of the Japanese STi Impreza. The seat adjustments are only on the passenger seat (would be the drivers seat in the STi). The red in the seat matches the car color. Looks pretty good, eh?

Hella Supertone horns are very loud

New front KYB AGX 4 adjustable struts and braided steel brake lines

New rear KYB AGX 8 adjustable struts and braided steel brake lines

New Impreza single stage brake booster for better pedal feel

A stack of 215/45-17 S-02 PP's waiting to take flight

Prodrive P7 rims with the S-02's mounted

The anthracite color looks perfect with the red