Battery Box Photos

Closeup Here's a shot of the metal brackets I welded welded onto the trunk floor. The two side brackets have holes I milled in for the battery bracket rods to hook into. This will hold the battery through any rough ride you might imagine. BTW: DO NOT USE THE LOCATION SHOWN HERE FOR THE GROUND CABLE! Both these bolts are terrible for ground. I eventually used the bolt you see near the back seat and the suspension tower.

Closeup I slotted the bottom of the battery box to fit over the floor brackets and placed the battery inside.

Closeup Here you see how the cables are routed under the seat and along the frame rail all the way to the front firewall.

Closeup After passing through the firewall (no small feat) the cable passes behind the washer bottle and to the original main fuse holder. The fuse holder is mounted to the harness bundle using wire ties.