Nickel n Dime'n Racing
1969 Datsun 510

A few 'before' pictures before the restoration starts

Failed paint, moss and grime. But ready to start again
Historic POR sticker from 1972 still on the skid pan
The rear bumper was bent on the '72 POR. We'll leave it that way.
The interior is pretty close to stock
Today I couldn't imagine racing with stock seats!
Rear seat area
The jewel of the ride is the built L20B motor with few miles on it
The Navie station needs a little work
The Driver sees a huge sweeping speedo and a tiny tac.
Fuse block.
Dash and interior chrome.

I decided to start the restoration on the inside first. I needed to get something going so I could see some results. I decided to let the floors tell me how much work I had ahead of me. Turns out to be in great over-all shape. There are only two small rust holes in the drivers floor area so I'm going to just patch those and continue on.

Here are the two small holes. The one by the gas pedal may have to be resolved when I remove the floor mounted pedal.

After a lot of wire brushing, a fresh coat of paint looks awesome.

The one part of the car I'll have to looking at a lot is the dash. So I decided to give it a good once over.
Example of the rust on the dash
Removed from dash from the car
Started sanding

Treated for rust and primed
A good coat of paint should finish it off nicely.

Had a warm day and finished the interior paint. So white and shiny!

Removed the floor mounted gas pedal and found even more rust then expected.
Cut out the rust and will weld in a patch panel
Treated engine bay for rust and gave it a coat of paint.

Up close I see I need to give it a second coat.
While taking the engine apart for cleaning, I found that one of the steel liners in the exhaust port had come loose and was rattling around. Bad for the valve I'm sure. So it looks like I'll be replacing the head as this head is the worst for performance and not worth the repair.