Nickel n Dime'n Racing
1969 Datsun 510

Arrived home in all its glory. We've a long way to go, but what a great start

1969 Datsun 510
(Nissan model PL510)

Here it is as it arrived at home on the trailer. The paint is mostly failed and the whole car inside and out will need new paint. But the car is solid, the motor is new and the suspension is from the East Africian Safari. Not a bad place to start. If you look closely at the left front of the skid pan you will see the POR sticker still there from 1972.


Flying the 510 over the Belle Isle bridge


1972 Press-On-Regardless Rally

Detroit Michigan

The car made it's rally debut in the '72 POR rally. Sporting the stock white color it is seen here flying over the Belle Isle bridge.

The car had minimal lighting and only a roll bar for safety. It was a time when 'Stock Class' really meant stock!

Driven by John Rogers and navigated by the owner Mike Bracken, they failed to finish the first day when a small excursion in the ditch found a stump and re-adjusted the alignment of the rear suspension. The car was then trailered home.

Put '79 SCCA with Kelly picture here

The car was purchased by Kelly Smith in the late '70s and repainted to honor the BRE legacy. Kelly rallied the car for several years before parking it in the garage to get a new, hot L20B transplant. Unfortunately, he never got back out into the woods with the new mill.

The car has sat with little use since then. Team Hightower has been lucky enough to buy this car and will be returning it to its glorious rally trim to campaign in the Historic rally class. Follow us as we progress first through a though rebuild and then our first drive back into rally.