1970 Datsun 240z


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1970 Datsun 240z
  • (Nissan model HLS30)
  • VIN number 03916
  • Engine number 06314
  • Manufacture Date 5/70
  • Paint Color #920 (Gold)
  • 124,000 miles
  • There was a time when cars weren't run by computers and throttled by emissions control equipment. It was a time when driving was a mechanical experience and cars had more personality. #3916 is a true surviver of the ravages of 40 years and is such fun to drive. This car is one of the first 4000 made and has been garaged most of it's life. Virtually everything in this numbers matching car is original and in good shape. Original paint, engine, transmission and even the AM radio!

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    What it has:

    • All original numbers matching engine and transmission.

    • Original paint.

    • Floors are very solid.

    • Interior is original and clean. Seats have no tears. Rear hatch fabric does have tears.

    • Replaced carpets with '70 correct OEM style loop-pile from Too Intense Restorations.

    • Weather stripping for the rear hatch and doors replaced.

    • Upgraded springs (17% stiffer) but retains stock ride height.

    • Upgraded Tokico HD shocks.

    • Upgraded front ball joints to larger '71 design.

    • All of the 40 year old suspension rubber and diff mount replaced.

    • Upgraded to 280ZX internal regulated alternator. Makes a HUGE differance in the brightness of the lights.

    • New battery.

    • Car has current WA License.

    • Documentation from 1982 until the time I bought it 8 years ago. Iíve done all the subsequent work myself so there is really no additional documentation.


    • Since this is the original paint, it has 40 years of door nicks and small dings. None that detract from the car. There are rust bubbles under the paint at the weld seams for the C pillars and low on the rocker panels.

    • There is a silver dollar size rust hold under the battery tray. Very common for the Z where battery acids collect.

    • Rear panel under hatch is rusted. Again, this is a common issue with the Z as water and exhaust gases mix here and form an acid.

    • The bumpers have seen better days. They both have been bumped and are dented.

    • Has a 'Z car' clunk in the rear-end.

    • There is a small exhaust leak at the manifold.