1970 (1969) Datsun 240Z - #331 of First 500! - SOLD
Condition: Pre-Owned Clear Title
Mileage: N/A
Warranty: None
VIN: HLS30-00331
Engine: #06314 2.4L I6 SOHC
Transmission: 4 Spd Manual
Prod. Date: 11/69
Current Color: Black /
Tan Interior
Orig Color: Hunter Green /
Tan Interior

The most collectable of the 240Z's are the first 500 made. These cars all have 1969 construction dates and were manufactured prior to the January 1st, 1970 release date here in the US. Of these first 500, fewer than 100 are still known to exist.

I had been looking for one of these elusive cars, but because of their rarity all I could find were well outside of my price range. No sooner had I purchased another 1970 Z car than I happened on a 1969 car practically in my own back yard. I convinced myself that I could restore this car along with the other projects I had going at the time.

Car VIN #331 is a pretty solid chassis that will need a full restoration. The engine is the correct, numbers matching block, but the E31 head had been replaced at some time with an E88. The original twin Solex carbs and manifold are the correct 1969 version, though. This car was last known to be running in 1995. The engine can be hand turned, but has not been started in many years.

The frame rails in the engine compartment are in pretty good shape, but the floors and rails on both sides will need replacing. The body is basically complete but does show signs of bondo repairs. There is also major rust in the standard Z places like under the battery tray and on the hatch panel. Rust bubbles at the rear of the rocker panels. This auction includes repair panels for the hatch panel and both rear inner and outer fenders.

Interior is mostly complete although some trim pieces and one door panel are missing. I have seats, but they are in poor shape. The dash is capped and has all of the guages, but I can't tell you if they work or not.

Despite not being in running condition, I have a Washington title and license plates with (expired) tabs. I guess I was a little optimistic on how soon I'd be getting this project done.

This car is worth the effort to get running again. #331 being a 'first 500' car makes it a true collector car worth the cost of restoration.

With other car projects and two active, teen-age boys I simply don't have the time or space to take on this project. A classic "My loss is your gain" situation.

I want to state again - the car was not running when I bought it and has not been turned over since then. The car will need to be trailered.

I also have a two parts cars (VIN #HLS30-00882 and #HLS30-10989), a crack-free dash and other misc. electrical and trim parts. 882 is a January 1970 car and 10989 has good body work. I don't have a title for either one, so they are just for parts. I will include as much of this as you want at no additional cost if you buy the car.


Left side

Right side



VIN and Prod. Date

Engine Bay Plate

Number Matching Engine Block

Original Solex Carbs

Not-Original Air Conditioning

Floors are shot, must replace

Interior is there, but not complete

Head liner and interior panels

4 "Z" and 4 "D" extra

Not currently running
No service records
No warranty implied or given. Sold "As is"
See description:
Bad tires, but includes original hub caps

Please be advised that the buyer is responsible for any shipping from the Bellevue, WA area. I will do what we can to help you with finding a shipper. I would be willing to help trailer this car, or the parts cars, within 50 miles of Bellevue.

If you have zero or negative feedback, you MUST contact me in advance and get my approval to bid on this car. The following terms of sale apply to all of my auction.

Payment Terms: Buyer agrees to pay balance due (plus applicable fees and taxes) within 5 business days of the close of the auction. All financial transactions must be completed before delivery of the vehicle.
Payment Methods: Cash or certified check. I accept PayPal

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