Team Hightower Astronomy Page

In the late '50s and just out of college my Dad joined the Air Force to become an astronaut. First you had to become a successful test pilot, a restricted few among who my father never joined. But never the less, his passion for the stars was passed on to me. I have dabbled in astronomy all my life, but never really had the time to spend on it. And here I find myself, some number of years later, with two kids of the age I was when my Dad started my education of the stars. In order to better teach them, I purchased a telescope. The truth be told, this is the scope I have wanted for many years and kids are just the excuse I needed. I still haven't had much time 'behind the eye piece' on it, but I really have to recommend the Meade ETX-90EC as a great starter telescope. Easy to transport, setup and use. Powerful enough to get planets and major deep space stuff, but even with the GOTO Astrocomputer it's affordable. Several times I have looked like a champ when one of my boys asks "What star is that?" You just point the telescope at it and 'Identify' it. It's that simple.

Taking photos of a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse

Building an astrophotography CCD camera out of a webcam